Self- Care Plan Follow Up

According to the first “Self-Care plan” I have decided to follow it for at least three weeks, hoping that it would turn to be my new life style, habit. I have been dictated to the plan for all most all of it, except fro two things: physically and the relationship self-care aspect.


First, I have failed to take my dog for a walk for almost two weeks due to the limited time I have, because of exams and going to a regular fitness training and eating healthy as I have stated on the initial self-care plan. Second, I did not start readings, journals or attending conferences outside my field of study. That is specifically due to the tight schedule of university. However, I try to substitute this, through watching political TV shows and even documentary movies on various issues. Further, one of my new self-reliving and meditating activities is starting to watch “Grey’ anatomy” series, as I haven’t got the chance to watch it before. Despite being a series, it has grabbed my attention to the fact that I am interested in medicine or biology as well, which might lead to some adaptations in my future self-care plan by trying to study medicine as post – graduate studies, such as psychiatry to fulfill my love to medicine, as another field of study outside of my interest.

One of the flaws in my first “self-care” plan is putting “Yoga” as one of my targets that I want to practice this week. However, I was not able to practice it, along with the fitness group I joined based on my plan. For a better modification in my plan, I will arrange the schedule to have two lessons of fitness and one lesson of yoga each week. As yoga is believed to be a self-meditating therapy that helps in releasing the stress through externalizing your worries and getting rid of your pain as well in the form of physical exercise.

I think it is helpful to create your own self-care plan based on the assessment we did. It shows the weakness in my personality, which helps me focus on working on them. Some of my drawback that I still need to work on is the “Spiritual self-care”. This would be targeted through attending prayer meetings as an initiative that would later encourage me to reading the bible as a daily routine.


Further, I will need to focus on the “Workplace self-care”, in order to lessen the stressors affecting my personal life. Thus, would be achieved through arranging my work, for instance: assignments, midterms, fitness class, etc. through scheduling my priorities for each week and writing them down in an agenda. I can also print some of major targets and put them on my desk to always remember them.

I would like to question the effect of “Yoga” on the self, regarding its power in meditation through introspecting one’s worries and weak points. How does thinking about your worries help in getting rid of them and not increasing the stress through over thinking about them? As people say, try not to think about your problems to forget the in order to reach a state of “Ataraxia” as believed by philosophers in what is known for “Epicureanism”.

The link provides an introspection way of looking at your strength points that you can work on to accomplish a successful self-care plan:



  1. marihamisk · March 9, 2016

    You really should be walking your puppy!!!!!!!!! That provides self care in terms of being active and of getting love!

    I wonder though, I don’t see that any of your plan deals with the difficulties that content of this course may expose you to.

    Also, for the things you have done, do you feel that they were helpful? Do you feel better?

    How do you feel about the whole idea of the self care plan in the first place?


  2. nourhanna · March 9, 2016

    The self care plan has greatly encouraged me to start practicing again and eating healthy. Part of my commitment to sports again is the schedule enforced by the self care plan and that i know i should abide by. Concerning the relationship between the course and my self-care plan, I think it is related to me in the sense of making me think of practicing “Yoga”. As the professor told us in class that we would be taking a chapter this semester, discussing “Yoga”. It made me curious to start practicing it in order to experience some of its effects on the soul and body. In general I believe it is important to have something, whether it is an assignment or a memorable incident that happened in our lives that make us think of making some adaptations in our lives to have a better happy and healthy one, as I said in the blog that without that self-care plan assigned to us in class; i would have never thought of having one. For my dog, I really want to take her for a walk because i lover her making her happy 🙂


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